Uniform guidelines

K-12 Parents,

Once again for the upcoming academic year 2012-13, La Scuola d’Italia, like all other NYSAIS Independent Schools, will continue adopting MANDATORY UNIFORMS for ALL OUR K-12 STUDENTS

We are once again proposing LANDS’END SCHOOL as La Scuola provider for the uniforms (daily school attire/ gym). This will give parents an opportunity to order La Scuola quality uniforms easily and conveniently.
In addition, LA SCUOLA has entered their Preferred School Program and will receive 3% of all your net sales from the LANDS’END SCHOOL catalog and website. LA SCUOLA’s logo will be stitched directly by LANDS’END on all garments you order on their school catalog/website.

Parents can order all the uniform items at Lands’end School, or can purchase some items (items not required with the school logo) elsewhere, in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. All polo shirts, white shirts, sweat shirts, turtlenecks, cardigans, sweaters, blazers and jackets are to be purchased at Lands’ End with La Scuola logo.

2. All pants, sweats, shorts and skirts may be worn without La Scuola logo and may also be purchased in different stores. These items must be Navy Blue.

3. Liceo students may wear the polo shirt with La Scuola logo for the months of September and October. Beginning November 1st they must wear a white shirt with La Scuola logo and all boys must wear a tie. Beginning April 1st and up to the end of the school year they can wear again a polo shirt with La Scuola logo.

Attached please find LANDS’END SCHOOL guidelines with the needed information to place an online order (or to order by phone).

Below please find essential information to place your order:

a) Preferred school number : 900075581
b) logo number : 0244626K

Shoes are not mandatory to be purchased from LANDS’END.
Students should wear blue, black street shoes.
Sweat socks, sneakers, cowboy boots, open toe shoes are not allowed.
Gym uniform and sneakers are to be worn only on gym days.

I would like to recommend La Scuola students to adhere to the school’s uniform code throughout the entire school year 2011-12. All families should understand that lack of respect of the students’ uniform code affects the good image and reputation of our school. La Scuola has to stick with high standards, like all other NYSAIS Independent schools in New York.

Please be advised that your son/daughter will not be admitted in class without the uniform, beginning September 17, 2012.

Thank you for your full cooperation in implementing La Scuola uniform policy for our K-12 students.

La Scuola Administration