Liceo-High School

Liceo-High School

Liceo Scientifico – Grades 9-12

(Bilingual Italian/English Instruction)

a Scuola’s Liceo implements Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future in order to cultivate academic skills and character to prepare students for success in college and future careers. The curriculum offers a balance of studies in the classics and other humanities combined with an outstanding math and science program that will earn college credits in most American universities.

The humanities program, interdisciplinary and integrated throughout the four years, includes the study of Italian, English, Latin language and literature, geography, history, philosophy, technical drawing and history of art, law and economics, and physical education. Great emphasis is also placed on the study of mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry.

Supplementary cultural projects in collaboration with various Italian institutions in New York and overseas are provided on a regular basis, including exchange programs with Italian schools, special meetings with high ranking dignitaries (such as Italian Ministries, Italian Ambassador etc.) and outstanding Italian artists/interpreters.

Classes are small with personal attention and additional support available for all students. At the completion of their senior year, students are required to take the Italian Ministry of Education State Exam, the Maturità, an equivalent of the International Baccalaureate that is honored by all universities in Europe and in the United States. This dual-recognized degree allows students to embark on studies at local universities as well as universities abroad while having the knowledge and language skills to succeed.